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My website

Can a new website really help my business? More
Many of your new customers will narrow down their choice of which business they deal with based on what they see on your website. Make sure that their experience of your website is a positive one. Allow them to look into your 'shop-window' and get details of your services and products, any special offers, download sales brochures, find your contact information and send you emails.
Why is it important to have my own domain name? More
Professional websites always have their own domain name (e.g. It will also allow you to have your own business email addresses (e.g. It takes less than 72 hours to get your domain registered and activated across the web.
What domain names are available? More
We can register your domain name as one of *, *, *, *.com, *.net, * and *.org. Other options are also available, but these are at extra cost.
How long does it take before my business email is available? More
Your business email accounts start working as soon as we get your domain activated (within 72 hours).
How much work do I need to do to get my website ready? More
We will have two meetings, the first to discuss what you want on your website and the second to review the site before we publish it. You will be responsible for providing the website content in the form of text, photos and any special graphics.
How long does it take before the search engines find my site? More
Customers will only be able to find your site after it has been submitted/detected by their favourite search engine.

Warning, there is normally a delay of at least 2-4 weeks before most search engine will get around to indexing your site!
Are the bill payments secure? More
We use PayPal, just like on e-Bay, to handle all the sensitive customer and credit card information. We also encrypt the payment buttons on your website to hide your PayPal account name and other transaction details. This makes it very difficult for a third party to set up their own bogus transactions.
What payment methods are supported? More
We support payments by PayPal, MasterCard/Eurocard, Visa/Delta/Electron, American Express, Switch/Maestro and Solo.
How do I keep my website updated? More
We update your website when you need it. We want to avoid putting off any of your customers with an out-of-date website.
Will my website have a Google or Yahoo Site Map? More
Both Google and Yahoo now use site maps to get a better understanding of a website's content and a quick way to know when it was last changed. Google typically uses a file named sitemap.xml, while Yahoo uses a file called urllist.txt.

We include both site maps on all our customer web sites.
Will my website be running 24x7? More
We use a reliable service provider to host your website and email accounts in a modern high specification data centre. They have an extremely good reputation for great service and an excellent track record of delivering extremely high availability levels.

What's included?

What's included with a Starter website? More
We provide:
  • A simple website with a description of your business, contact information, map and directions.
  • As a minimum service, we will update your contact information, such as phone, mobile, postal address and email addresses as needed.
  • Web hosting, with your own business domain name and up to 10 business email addresses.
  • If want to upgrade your site in the future, then we will only ask you to pay the difference.
What's included with a Standard website? More
We provide:
  • Custom web design for up to five pages, typically including a Home Page, Products, Services and Contact information.
  • Includes a 'two updates a year' service for both the web content and the web design. This ensures that your website is kept in step with the changes in your business. Plus, we have found that websites get better as they evolve over time. By absorbing feedback from your customers and friends and incorporating their ideas with you own, your website will become more compelling each time you enhance it.
  • Design makeover - get us to change the look of your site to project your new fresh business image.
  • Web hosting, with your own business domain name, website statistics and up to 10 business email addresses.
  • Websites with more than five pages cost an additional £50/page.
What's included with a Content Management System? More
We provide:
  • Content Management System, provides news articles, contact directories, events, categories, sections, web page editing, site search, member-only areas, polls etc.
  • Regular version updates to Content Management System.
  • Regular website backups.
  • Design makeover - get us to change the look of your site to project your new fresh business image.
  • Web hosting, with your own business domain name and up to 10 business email addresses.
How many email addresses can I have? More
You can have up to 10 business emails. We will set them up so that each person in your company has their own email box. If needed, we can also route multiple email addresses (info@, sales@, julie@) into the same email box.

How do we do things?

What steps are needed to get a new website? More
  • Initial meeting to discuss and document your requirements for the website.
  • Register the new website address as soon as possible.
  • Assemble the content, logos, photos, price lists, brochures etc. that are required on the website.
  • The new site is designed according to your requirements and with the content provided.
  • Meet to review the website design, look and feel, contents, navigation, links etc.
  • Feedback from the review meeting is incorporated into the site.
  • When your happy with the site, it goes live on the internet.
  • Keep the site updated with the latest information.
How do we make sure the new website is working properly? More
There is nothing more off-putting for a new customer than to arrive on a website and see a 'page not found' or 'error detected' message. We thoroughly test your website before and after publishing. We use a combination of:
  • Automated testing - takes a couple of minutes to run through all our standard tests and highlight any problems.
  • Browser testing - we manually check your site works in the current versions of Internet Explorer (10, 9, 8 and 7), Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox.
What happens if there is a 'Page Not Found' error? More
The typical scenarios that produce these errors are:
  • The website has an internal link to a page that does not exist - a 'broken internal link'
  • An external website links to a page that does not exist - a 'broken external link'
  • A mistake is made typing an address, so for example the spelling error in
'Broken internal links' are detected and removed before the website goes live. The other scenarios are immediately detected on the live website and the customer is automatically re-routed onto your home page.

Technical stuff

What makes Spiky Hedgehog websites fast to download? More
  • We save time by only downloading images that are the exact size needed to fit into the space on the web page.
  • Plus we use zip compression to make the files smaller and faster to display the web pages quicker.
  • We also cache your web pages so customers re-displaying the same page, get it instantly (i.e. no need to wait for the page to re-downloaded).
Will my website be W3C valid? More
Your website needs to support the latest and some of the previous versions of Internet Explorer, plus other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. One way we make your website work on the different browsers is to make sure it is validated to the W3C standard. W3C valid websites are better because they more likely to work for your customers accessing your site from their Windows PC, Apple Mac or Linux computers.
Is Google PageRank important? More
Google calculates the importance of each page using a measure known as PageRank. The calculation is the basis for all of Google's web search tools. It uses a number of a factors including the number of links coming into and going out of a specific page.

How can we get a higher page rank?
The more links coming into your site the better. Also, we ensure that all duplicate addresses point to the same place. So for example, the following addresses should all automatically resolve to the same address.
Otherwise, there is a danger that the rank for the home page is reduced as it is shared across many different addresses.
Won't spam programs grab the email address off my website? More
Encrypting the email address on your website will hide it from 'email harvesting' programs, while allowing real customers to use the email address as normal (e.g. ).
What is a Content Management System? More
Allows you to take control of your own website, by allowing you to update and create new web pages, news articles, scheduled events, contact information, polls etc.
Why is my choice of service provider important? More
Your customers will experience slow performance and site unavailable errors if you choose an unreliable service provider.
Shouldn't Spiky Hedgehog be spelt with an extra 'e'? More

Spiky - adjective (spikier, spikiest)
1: like a spike or spikes or having many spikes (our interpretation of the word).
2: informal easily annoyed; irritable (not true of us though!).
DERIVATIVES: spikily adverb spikiness noun. (Compact Oxford English Dictionary)

Where as Spikey Hedgehog refers to:
1: A cocktail drink made of 1 oz grenadine syrup, 1 oz cranberry juice, 1 dash lime juice, fill with club soda and add ice.
2: Hogarth's (Spikey) Hedgehog Rescue Centre in Leicestershire.
3. Our website

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